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Car Phone Holder Wireless Charger, S-GRIP W2-HK3- Swissten

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Together with car chargers, travel chargers were the first products in Swissten portfolio. Now you can find in our offer several different models of travel chargers in several levels of output. No matter what type of mobile phone you have, Swissten travel chargers are with microUSB connector, lightning connector and also with USB port. Thanks to the combination of the suction cup and the nano pad, the holder can be attached to both the windshield and the dashboard. This adapts to your needs more.



  • The SWISSTEN S-GRIP W2-HK3 Wireless Car Holder is designed to be mounted on the dashboard and windshield.
  • The holder has a fast charging capacity of 15W.
  • Packed in Swissten blister.
  • The holder is equipped with electronics that detect when the smartphone is attached and the holder fixes the phone itself.
  • Pressing the electronic button will release the phone again.
  • The holder has an integrated capacitor, so the smartphone can be released or attached several times even after the vehicle is stopped and  the engine is switched off.
  • Thanks to the automatic closing, the smartphone is easy to handle with just one hand.
  • High power 15W allows you to quickly charge all smart phones with wireless charging when you're calling or using the navigation, even in  the same time.
  • The holder has two joints so you can turn the smart phone according to your needs and thanks to the telescopic neck you will zoom in to the smart phone at a comfortable distance and always at hand.


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