1. Credit/Debit Card


2. Bank transfer 

Bank transfers are made in full at the order. You then have 3 days to make the transfer to the GROUP TSA LTD  bank account. After this deadline, the order will be cancelled. Your order will be confirmed after reception of the transfer. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

IMPORTANT: Foy payments through bank transfer, the delivery time will vary according to the reception and handling of your transfer.

Our bank account details:

Livre Sterling 

Sort code : 309253

Account Number : 31524860


IBAN : GB05LOYD30925331524860



Euro : 

IBAN : GB13LOYD30925386669119




3. Paypal

Paypal is a secure payment method that allows you to quickly pay for your items without sharing your bank account details with seller websites. You just have to use your PayPal account where you have already saved your bank account details. These will be encrypted and secured. If you already have a PayPal account, you can use it on our website to make your payment quickly and securely. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still choose this payment method. When you proceed, you will be redirected to a PayPal page where you enter your bank account details (and choose to create a PayPal account or continue as guest).


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