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Consider Backdeals to be one of the best online sites to get a great vivo screen protector. Because it offers high-quality, unbreakable accessories that are simple-to-use. The vivo nex s screen protector is exclusively transparent with no impact on visual display. The primary screen grows stronger after applying the protector to it. Aside from that, very few scratches are likely to occur because the primary screen provides 100 percent protection to your screen. In addition, Vivo smartphones are sensitive to slips, falls and damages due to their large display and substantial build. For this reason, it prevents dust and marks from ruining the phone's gorgeous display as well as cracks and accidental falls. Also, blu vivo 6 screen protector is thinner and more powerful than tempered. It is also lightweight. Hence, if you are thinking of buying this product then buy it from Backdeals only.