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Showing 1 - 36 of 77 products
Realme 7 Pro Screen Protector, RE 2.5D-Swissten - Backdeals
Iphone 12 Pro Max Screen protector  - Swissten - Backdeals
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max - 3mk SilverProtection +
Apple iPhone 13 Mini - 3mk SilverProtection +
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - 3mk Armor Case
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - 3mk Armor Case
Sale price£10.50
In stock
Hammer Explorer Pro - 3mk FlexibleGlass Lite ™
3MK FlexibleGlass Lite Huawei Mate 10 Pro Hybrid Glass Lite
Tempered Glass Screen Protector Kingkong Series- iPhone 7/8/ X/ XR/ 11/ 11PRO/12
Atouchbo King Kong - Anti-Burst Armour Case - For iPhone 13Atouchbo King Kong - Anti-Burst Armour Case - For iPhone 13
3MK HardGlass iPhone Xs Max
3MK HardGlass iPhone Xs Max
Sale price£5.00
In stock

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A glass screen protector is an excellent, low-profile way to protect the vulnerable screen on your device. It will protect your keys from scratches and accidental dings, and in many cases, it will absorb the shock of a potentially fatal fall. 

Unlike plastic protectors, the crystal-clear glass improves screen visibility and brightness. When it comes to securing your smartphone, both plastic and tempered glass screen protectors are preferable to the cost of repairs or replacement of a cracked or broken phone screen. However, a plastic film protector only protects the screen from scratches, so using a tempered glass screen protector for smartphones is a much better idea. Tempered glass screen protectors are impact resistant, and the display feels exactly like a phone without one. 

Apple markets their products as being usable right out of the box, so they almost never recommend apple screen protector. It is probably a good idea to protect your iPad's screen unless you use it exclusively in a completely padded environment with soft gloves on at all times.

The iPhone XR screen protector is only compatible with the iPhone XR and is not compatible with any other models. The triple-tempered iPhone XR screen protector can withstand up to 5 kg of force, reducing damage caused by short-distance drops and bumps. It has no effect on the Face ID feature, so don't be concerned. The space between your phone and the iPhone screen protector provides enough room for most phone cases to be installed.