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Realme Screen Protector

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 product
Realme 7 Pro Screen Protector, RE 2.5D-Swissten - Backdeals

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The Realme Screen Protector is a high-performance screen protector that is 100 % genuine. This screen protector is composed of high-quality AGC glass, which is known for its durability. Further, it is also ultra-thin and ultra-clear for ease of use. The best feature of a realme xt screen protector is that it displays high-quality image colours and a clear HD display. Besides that, this screen protector for realme 3 pro is shatter-resistant. More interesting, if the screen guard is cracked, the parts of this glass remain in a single place. Meanwhile, it is dust-free, non-bubbling, fingerprint-resistant, and simple to set up. Additionally, it is three times harder than plain glass or tempered glass and protects your smartphone's screen three times better. It has a 9H hardness rating. Thus, don't wait to break your main screen but buy this protective film from Backdeals. Also, Backdeals offers great delivery and supportive customer service.