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The pixel 6 pro case is made for the outdoor enthusiast. It has an integrated kickstand and offers a view of the device's ports and buttons. The cover also has holes for speakers, microphone, and camera to let you hear your surroundings. The case is available in several colors that let you express your personality.

The pixel 6 pro case is a sleek and lightweight case that offers protection for your phone. This case is easy to put on and remove from your phone. It also has a kickstand to give you the option of using your phone as a stand. The long-lasting polymer ensures your phone does not get scratched or damaged in any way during transportation.

The pixel 6 pro case uk is a slim, waterproof case that is made of black silicone. The case provides protection to the back, edges and sides of your phone. This makes it easy to grip and hold onto your phone, even if you are wet or dirty.