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Magnetic Car Phone Holder,Easy Mount Black

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 product
Magnetic Car Phone Holder,Easy Mount,Black - SwisstenMagnetic Car Phone Holder,Easy Mount,Black - Swissten

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The latest magnetic car phone holder is loaded with four N50 magnets. The strong magnetic force holds your phone regardless of road vibrations. The best magnetic car holder has anti-scratch rubber which protects air vents as well as the phone. THe magnetic mobile phone holders are heat resistant which makes them durable.You can conveniently adjust the angles of your device mounted on these stylish magnetic mobile phone holders or cars. The small size of the magnetic car phone holder is hardly noticeable when not in use which means it doesn’t block the view while driving. These are compatible with all the cars that have horizontal vents. The magnetic car phone holder has a swivel design with 360 degrees rotation. THe incredible design means the holder doesn’t pull out from the vent when you yank your phone off the magnets. These holders give great comfort to the driver when he is using navigation apps. The closed magnetic field doesn’t affect the signal in the slightest degree.