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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
12" Percolator  Mixed Design Glass Bong - GWP 1199
14" 4Smoke Thick Glass Leaves Bong Mix Designs - GB-69
14" Large Percolator Beaker Base Glass Bong - GB002
14" Mixed Colour Glass Percolator Bong - GB-004
14" The Smoke Island Multi Chamber Glass Bong - GBS2168
18" The Smoke Island Honeycomb Tube Glass Bong - GBS995
10 x Triangle Top Glass Bong Chillum - GP7910 x Triangle Top Glass Bong Chillum - GP79
14" Luxury Pattern High Quality Beaker Base Heavy Glass Bong

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Backdeals stock a huge range of glass bongs from leading UK & worldwide suppliers. Glass is the most popular material for making bongs because the glass doesn't affect the flavour and cleanness of the smoke. They are also very easy to maintain and keep clean with simple tools. 

We can supply your customers with glass pipes and glass water bongs at all price levels, from entry level bongs to high-end, more expensive models. Examples include the Frosted Rasta bong, Sand Leaf Hangover Glass Bong and the Beaker Style Bong. Browse our range below.