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Elux users have come to know what to expect from the brand’s disposable vapes: slim profiles that taper off into ergonomic mouthpieces, superb airflow systems, and full flavours. Elux, whose name means “For your ecigs, For your luxury”, is a manufacturer of classy vaping devices for the modern e-cigarette user.

You can check out the brand’s luxurious disposable vapes right here at JM Wholesale. Offer your customer sleek and sophisticated in a compact package with the Elux Legend Mini devices. Pre-filled with nicotine, these premium devices can deliver up to 600 puffs of warm and strong flavours. There are over 20 flavours to choose from, including tasty and unique Fuji Melon, Unicorn Shake, and Jungle Juice.

Go back to the basics with the Elux Bar series, the brand’s first line of disposable vape devices. Preloaded with 600 puffs worth of nicotine salt and available in a variety of two-tone colorways, these devices bring the luxe to deluxe vaping.