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Acrylic Grinders

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products

Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
3 Parts NO.1 Magnetic Plastic 55mm Grinder
5 Parts Plastic Skull 60mm Grinder - SMK224Skull
4 Parts Plastic 55mm Grinder Raggae Print - HX223-1
5 Parts Tobacco Plastic 60mm with Leaf Print Grinder- SMK224LEAF
12 x 3 Parts Mini NO.1 Magnetic Plastic 40mm Grinder - HX234
4 Parts Handmuller Plastic 55mm Grinder - HX223
12 x 5 Parts Raggae (Bob Marley) Plastic Grinder - HX224-1
12 x 3 Parts Plastic Clear Amsterdam Grinder - SMK033A
3 Parts Mixed Colour Plastic Grinder - HX048
3 Parts Tobacco Plastic Grinder - HX001-Leaf
3 Parts Plastic Tobacco Grinder - HX001-3
Honey Puff 60mm Plastic 4 Part Rubik Cube Grinder - MF501-HPHK
12 x 4 Parts Mini Plastic Grinder With Storage Container - 11664
Weed Game 50mm Plastic 4 Part Rubik Cube Grinder - GS1169 (WG-008)

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Acrylic grinders are lightweight and strong, providing the best of both worlds for users. They also come in an extensive range of interesting shapes and colours. These small and portable grinders are an essential purchase for many smokers, so it makes sense to stock them.

Ensure your customers can find exactly what they are looking for with our wide range of styles, shapes and sizes in bright and bold colours. We also stock magnetic grinders and grinders that come in three parts, four parts or even five parts.