Are you curious to know about us ?

So first all, let me introduce myself to you.

We’re Backdeals, it’s a very nice to meet you !

You are now here with us, so first of all a great thank you and we are going to talk about us in few words…

Let’s go on !

Company GROUP TSA LTD aka Backdeals, it is actually our trade name and I we are thinking it’s more stylish. Isn’t ? We have been in this field for 12 loooooong years.

We should to give you a quickly explanation about that.

The owner of Backdeals has field experience that has enabled him to identify and understand the specific request of the customers and has chosen to respond through his website.

Things evolving with the new technology like social network, e-commerce, he knew how to find his place and finally set-up his virtual store

And you know what ?

Any guesses ?

That’s where are you right now !

Well, I hope you’re still here ? In this case, let’s keep going !

Are you thinking about our products quality ?

Let me guess something, are you thinking right now « okay the website is fine but what about the quality of your products » ?

You know what ? we’re glad you’re asking.

Because we know how is important to have good and quality products.

But let me explain some things to you : before any purchase, each product is thoroughly checked according to the standards of originality and quality by our team. And yeeessss ! We have a team that does just that.

You’re still asking « but why do I have to buy from Backdeals » ?

- Although our prices may not be as low as those of our direct competitors but 90% of our products are compared everyday to give you a better price.

- Although, we have not a wide range of products like our competitors but each products who are available on Backdeals are selected according to the customer’s demand and expectations.

In fact, the choice still yours. You can buy on a market place from an unknown seller under a big brand name but be sure when you will have a customer complaint, you must be sent to several departments.

What I’m trying to tell you is that if you’re buying from us, well, you’re buying with us… It’s that mean, there will no any intermediate between you and Backdeals.

One day Backdeals owner said « At the end of the day, we are all customers before we’re salesmen » and we think he is absolutely right.

Let’s talk about our partners !

We are actually working with several European partners, which are selected after many checks.

Choosing a partner takes time and can’t be done overnight.

We need to find a reliable partner who is stable and fast.

Backdeals visits all the electronics trade fairs on a regular basis to meet the part

Our customers !

Because of the experience acquired previously in the field, Backdeals owner wanted to open the website to different kind of customers.

We decided to divide the customers into 3 categories :

Particular customer, semi-wholesaler and wholesaler

So now I’m going to give you more details about that :

1 – Particular customer : You are a free bird ! You have no restrictions, you shouldn’t need to be registered to see the prices but registration is required when you will buy.

2 – Semi-wholesaler : You need to be registered to view the prices that concern you. Quantities are not imposed which means that you can buy only one piece at the professional’s price. Prices will be displayed exclusive of tax (HT).

3- Wholesaler You need to be registered to view the prices that concern you. The quantities are imposed which allow us to offer you a better price. The quantities depend on the products.

With this account you can get in touch with a sales representative.

Logistic service:

Our logistics department is located in the UK (yes we diiiit it !)

The speed, reliability and tracking of our parcels are ensured by our carriers, which were chosen following the precise request of our customers : fast delivery and real-time tracking of the parcel.

customer service:

Good morning, how may I help you ?

Backdeals customer’s service is available 7 days a week in English or French, the choice is yours !

We are there from the beggining to the end : from account opening, to the reception of the parcel and even afterwards : we think it’s more convenient.

You know what ? You can contact me as much as you need for more details, any questions instead of thinking in your corner…So please just disturb me because we are here for you and it’s all thanks to you !





See you soon! A très bientôt Hasta Luego ! Bis Bald ! A presto ! Até logo !

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